Olga Dynyak (Ольга Дыняк, born June 17, 1981) is a Russian-Cypriot IT-entrepreneur, book author.

Early life and education

Olga was born on June 17, 1981 in USSR. She studied at the Vladivostok State Medical University, focusing on Medical Treatment from 1998 to 2004. She then attended the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, where she specialized in Family Medicine from 2004 to 2006.

Later on, she decided to change her career path, following her entrepreneurial nature, innovator's spirit, and a love for freedom. By founding her first e-commerce business, Sharlot LTD, in 2008, she shifted her focus towards IT entrepreneurship. Later, she studied at the State University of Management, where she focused on IT management between 2010 and 2012​.



In 2011, Olga founded IQsha, an online service that offers learning games for children to develop their mental abilities and knowledge acquisition. She serves as the CEO and Manager of the project​. The product became successful and crossed the one million user mark in 2020.


Olga Dynyak founded Cyproplan in 2022. Cyproplan is a web and mobile application that operates as an event calendar and guide for various activities happening throughout Cyprus, including concerts, master-classes, sport activities, excursions, and more. The business model for Cyproplan is primarily based on advertising​.


Olga had been passionate about writing stories and maintaining a diary since childhood. Her splendid compositions were held up as examples to other students at school. She began to suspect that her superpower lay in her command of words after 25 years, as social media platforms started to proliferate, and she observed reactions to her notes.

After her divorce and the extreme popularity of her notes about Tinder dates, Olga began to contemplate writing a book. The initial version didn't resonate with beta readers, prompting Olga to temporarily shelve the project. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, she returned to her work, significantly expanding the manuscript in collaboration with book editor Elena Afonina. The manuscript was completed in December 2020. "The Society of Anonymous Coffeeholics. The Story of My (Un)Successful Dates" in February 2021was finally published.

The book was well-received by readers and received positive reviews from critics.

In December 2023, the translated version of the novel was published in English. At present, the author is actively engaged in crafting her second book, which falls within the detective genre and has a storyline intricately tied to Cyprus.


Olga is also known for her work as a blogger and her optimistic outlook, despite facing challenges such as raising a child with autism​. 



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